Why become a referee?

The referee is the guarantor of the application of the rules of the game, of the discipline which results from it on and around the field of play, and of fair play, this in all categories. The Black Boys Hockey Club, like all clubs, is obliged to provide a certain number of referees to Swisshockey. At the moment we are far below the quota we should provide.

The formation

Swisshockey makes available to all licensed players an “online” field hockey refereeing training tool giving all players the opportunity to better understand the rules of the game. Through this e-learning application DRILLSTER (PC, tablets, smartphones), players can learn the rules of field field hockey in a playful way, by answering MCQs, some of which contain photos and videos.

Swisshockey asks every licensed player to follow this referee training, starting from the U15 category. From the 2020-2021 season, the DRILLSTER training will be required to obtain the “player” license.

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What is the advantage of being a referee?

The referee is like a conductor, he sets the tone of the match. A referee, like the players, goes on the field with the objective to do a good performance. A match that goes well gives a lot of satisfaction. Referees are also paid according to a scale that takes into account the distance from his home and the place where the match is played. It is a way for a young person to earn pocket money by practicing, in another way, the sport he likes.

Rules of refereeing for juniors by category


Field Hockey Rules